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If you want your Pokemon to have a nickname, leave it here!
Pick your Pokemon's ability, or let our pros pick (leave blank).
Pick an item for your Pokemon to be holding.
Tell us your desired EVs (HP/ATK/DEF/SPA/SPD/SPE).
Pick your first desired skill.
Pick your second desired skill.
Pick your third desired skill.
Pick your fourth desired skill.
Standard - We build your Pokemon from scratch. Premium - You send us your Pokemon to customize. eSports - You send us your Pokemon to train.
Do you want us to use our Pokemon, or would you like to trade yours to us for customization?
Need your new Pokemon immediately? Get it as quickly as 1 hour during business hours (12PM - 10PM MST).
If for any reason your selections don't work, let us know how you'd like us to handle substitutions.
Once your Pokemon is ready we will notify you at the contact info below to arrange the in-game transfer.
Important so that we don't trade with the wrong person!
Anything special you'd like your pro player to know when they work on your Pokemon?
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