Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most frequently asked questions, answered!

Can I use my Pokemon online?

Absolutely! Pokemon customized with SIXIV are 100% legal and safe to use online, guaranteed. Take your new friends into raids, or battle other trainers without problems!

Is this service safe?

Yes! Unlike many companies we refuse to trade or use illegal Pokemon. Illegal Pokemon (such as shiny Pokemon that aren't allowed to be shiny, or Pokemon that have moves they can't normally have) can never be used online and put you at risk of having your Pokemon deleted, or at worst having your account banned.

Can I use my Pokemon in ranked battle?

Pokemon that can be used in Ranked battle have a series of special requirements (you can find the requirements on the Pokemon website). If you would like to make sure your Pokemon can be used in Ranked battle simply choose the option during customization and our pro players will adjust your requests (if needed) at no extra cost!

Is this real?

Yes indeed! We are a group of hardcore Pokemon players seeking to help other players get the Pokemon of their dreams. SIXIV is also now owned by Playerverse, a well known and reputable company with tens of thousands of users & thousands of reviews.

Can I get a discount?

You can get discount coupons a couple different ways! The first - via our newsletter. When you signup you'll receive a 10% discount coupon that can be used on your first order. We also periodically send out coupons on occasion, so keep an eye out! The second - a 50% lifetime discount on all SIXIV services for Playerverse Beyond members.

How do I receive my new Pokemon?

Pokemon are transferred in-game through the trade system. Make sure to check ``Delivery Process`` above for the exact process, it's very quick & painless! Do note that you will need any random Pokemon to trade, and you will need an active Nintendo Online subscription.

What's the difference between Standard and Premium?

Standard Pokemon are customized from scratch by us, and will have our trainer name (SIXIV) as the original trainer. They work exactly the same as any other Pokemon but will originate from us.

Premium Pokemon have your trainer name. You can even trade us the Pokemon you would like customized and our pro players will perform your customizations. We will then trade the Pokemon back to you. This ensures the Pokemon's original trainer will be you, and will show as your trainer name!

What's the difference between Premium and eSports?

While both Premium and eSports Pokemon are functionally the same, and both will have your trainer name, there are a couple important differences.

eSports tournaments generally have special requirements that our pro players will need to carefully review to ensure the Pokemon is up to spec. For eSports Pokemon we also go to great lengths traditionally training your Pokemon, using mints, and relearning moves. These Pokemon will pass any inspection, guaranteed.

How do you train Pokemon so quickly?

The SIXIV team has access to a nearly endless supply of materials, tools and knowledge used to train Pokemon. Our process is extremely efficient and carried out by real players who know exactly how to make Pokemon the best that they can possibly be.

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